Dr. Clean

Bentec Medical, Inc. introduces Dr. Clean. A patent-pending revolutionary, surgical glove cleaning “football” used in wire-based vascular procedures and pacemaker/ICD implant procedures. Dr. Clean is made of a high tech polymer that is currently used in the semi-conductor industry. The polymer is used for ultra cleaning semi-conductor wafers. A wafer is a thin slice of semiconductor material, such as silicone crystal, used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and other micro-devices. The polymer removes all contaminates and moisture. This ultra-cleaning technology is now being used in the Dr. Clean device for the removal of blood and contrast from the physician’s gloves. These wire based procedures utilize guide wires that are susceptible to “tackiness”. Dr. Clean helps fight against guide wire tackiness by keeping the physician’s glove moist and clean. Dr. Clean can be utilized in Cath Labs, Interventional Suites, Operating Rooms, and Electrophysiology Suites.

During wire based procedures, it is imperative for the physician and scrub assistant to maintain clean and moist hands. Currently, they try to accomplish this in several different ways:

  • The first method is by placing 4×4 gauze in a bowl filled with heparinized saline. This bowl is placed on top of the drape covering the patient’s legs or is placed on the back procedure table. The problems with placing the bowl on the patient are spillage and/or cluttering of the operating field. The concerns with placing the bowl on the back table are; removing focus from the patient and the potential for cross contamination.
  • The second method involves placing wet 4×4 gauze on top of the drape covering the patient. The problem with this scenario is the construction of the gauze does not allow it to effectively hold saline. The saline solution soaks into the drape and this soaked drape can cause the patient’s body temperature to decrease. It has been reported that there is a direct correlation between lower body temperatures and increased infection rates in patients.
  • The final method involves the assistant squirting the physician’s hands with syringes of heparinized saline during the procedure. This practice is unsafe and can create a biohazard splash. Biohazard splashes are a serious infection control issue.

Dr. Clean is set up quickly and easily. This is of the utmost importance with emergent Cath Lab procedures such as a STEMI procedure. A STEMI is a “ST elevation myocardial infarction”, an acronym for a serious heart attack. In these cases the patient is rushed to the Cath Lab where the physician attempts to open the coronary artery that is blocked. This blockage causes the heart muscle to die. The time it takes for the patient to be treated is regulated and “every second counts”. Clean, wet gloves are a necessity when trying to achieve rapid, yet proper guide wire placement across the lesion that is blocking flow to a patient’s heart muscle. Dr. Clean was designed to combat this very problem.

Bentec Medical’s newest innovation, Dr. Clean, can be conveniently placed directly in front of the physician and scrub assistant so that the physician can maintain focus on the patient. Dr. Clean can assist in eliminating any delay in patient care. Dr. Clean keeps the physician’s gloves wet and clean without soaking the patient’s drape covering. Dr. Clean reduces cross contamination and keeps biohazard material localized.

Dr. Clean is a safer and more effective way to keep gloves clean and moist.

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