Silicone Biliary Catheter

silicone biliary catheter

These soft consistency catheters provide patient comfort and are easily changed percutaneously. The tubes each contain sideholes, of which the most proximal sidehole is marked with a radiopaque tantalum marker. The end of each tube is easily cut so it can be tailored to the anatomy of the individual patient. Medical grade plastic luer lock adapters are supplied with the tubes and comes in multiple tubing sizes from 8 to 29 French.

Silicone Biliary Catheter PID

Silicone Biliary Catheter

Product Code Size  
GR83064-12 8 Fr.  
GR83064-03 10 Fr.  
GR83064-01 12 Fr.  
GR83064-02 14 Fr.  
GR83064-04 16 Fr.  
GR83064-05 18 Fr.  
GR83064-08 19 Fr.  
GR83064-06 20 Fr.  
GR83064-07 22 Fr.  
GR83064-10 24 Fr.  
GR83064-13 26 Fr.  
GR83064-14 28 Fr.  
GR83064-11 29 Fr.  
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