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Bentec combines its extensive silicone material science engineering expertise and industry-leading breadth of medical-grade silicone fabrication capabilities, to develop the optimal silicone solution for our medical device OEM customers.  We develop the ideal production and assembly process to ensure that our customers’ expectations for quality, delivery and pricing are exceeded. Further, our suite of services also includes design consultation for manufacturability and quality, iterative prototyping, regulatory support with FDA/CE, assembly, sterilization and packaging.

In addition to our OEM contract manufacturing services, Bentec also designs, manufactures, and distributes proprietary FDA and CE approved silicone medical devices under our own label that are used in Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Bariatric, General and Cosmetic Surgery, ENT, and Interventional Radiology.

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Watch our video to learn more about our medical-grade silicone fabrication capabilities.

Fabricating silicone-based components and assemblies demands a contract manufacturer who can work at the speed of your business while meeting stringent quality and delivery standards.

At Bentec Medical, we provide industry-leading silicone material science expertise, utilizing the broadest range of raw materials and fabrication capabilities available. Together, we can help you overcome the technical challenges that keep your life-changing products from getting into the hands of health care professionals.

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Company History


1994: Founded in Santa Barbara, CA (Moved to Woodland, CA in 1996)

- Acquired proprietary med device portfolio from Heyer-Schulte (now Mentor/J&J)
- Developed molding, extrusion and calendering expertise with HSR and LSR silicone material
- Started OEM contract manufacturing, making silicone sheeting for Mentor


2016: Acquired by Hermitage/Greyrock

- Implemented institutional ownership standards, new mgmt., enhanced Engineering/QMS
- Expanded production capacity and fabrication technology (Dip Coating & Knife Coating)
- Grew OEM customer base and proprietary Medical Device segment



- Industry-leading breadth of silicone fabrication capabilities
- Industry-leading micro fabrication capabilities

Established domain expertise in:

  • Micro Molding
  • Multi Lumen Extrusions
  • Hybrid Calendered Sheeting
  • Compounding Materials
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Complex Assemblies
  • Value Added Services

Competitive Differentiators

Bentec is the leading manufacturer of complex medical grade silicone devices, requiring multiple fabrication processes, value added services, and the highest quality standards in implantable devices – with a proven track record of supporting blue-chip partners

Industry-Leading Breadth of Medical Grade Silicone Fabrication Capabilities

Selection of optimal fabrication process

Combining multiple fabrication processes to build complex assemblies

Expertise in Silicone Material Science Engineering

Comprehensive design consultation & tooling services

Collaborating with leading silicone suppliers

Proprietary Manufacturing Techniques and Robust Processes

Advanced Micro Molding capabilities

Fully validated processes with stringent environmental  and quality controls

Strong Quality and Regulatory Expertise

FDA Registered, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14644 Class 7 Cleanrooms

Consistently receive 100% on monthly supplier scorecards from Fortune 500 OEMs

Long-tenured, Blue Chip Customer Relationships

Supplier of Choice for
All Your Medical Silicone Needs
Experts in Silicone Material Science Engineering

Bentec Medical designs and fabricates silicone products (including implant grade silicone components) for medical industry OEMs that require material science expertise coupled with manufacturing engineering knowhow.


Medical Products

Bentec manufactures a line of high quality specialized silicone-based surgical product that provide unique solutions for surgeons and elimination of potential latex-induced allergic reactions for patients.