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Who We Are

Bentec Medical specializes in custom silicone fabrication, with expertise in molding, extrusion, calendering, casting and assembly of complex high-performance medical device components.  Fully integrated from concept to completion, we leverage our material science knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to provide the highest quality products, consistently, timely and cost effectively to our OEM partners.  

In addition to our contract manufacturing capabilities, Bentec also designs, manufactures, and distributes proprietary FDA approved silicone devices used in Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Bariatric, General and Cosmetic Surgery, ENT, and Interventional Radiology.

Your Silicone Solutions Partner

The only Silicone Fabricator with all the processing disciplines required to meet your component needs, including:


With a variety of state-of-the-art molding presses, Bentec Medical has the option for utilizing the optimum molding method for your product design and budget.  We use the following methods for silicone molding: liquid injection, gum injection, transfer molding and compression molding.


Bentec Medical has extensive extrusion capabilities ranging from single lumen tubing to co-extrusions and multi-lumen tubing with up to 22 lumens and more possible.  Our proprietary extrusion processes allow us the ability of easily holding tolerances of +/- 0.001”.


Bentec Medical has some of the most extensive calendering experience in the industry with unparalleled quality and consistency.  We can supply both vulcanized and unvulcanized, non-reinforced and reinforced silicone sheeting in both sheet stock or as a continuous roll.

Supplier of Choice for
All Your Medical Silicone Needs
Experts in Silicone Material Science Engineering

Bentec Medical designs and fabricates silicone products (including implant grade silicone components) for medical industry OEMs that require material science expertise coupled with manufacturing engineering knowhow.


Medical Products

Bentec manufactures a line of high quality specialized silicone-based surgical product that provide unique solutions for surgeons and elimination of potential latex-induced allergic reactions for patients.