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Bentec Resolves in 1 Hour OEM’s 5-Year Struggle to Develop Viable Silicone Prototype

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Bentec Improves Fortune 500 OEM’s Vendor Quality Scores from 60% to 100%

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Bentec Delivers First Articles in 83% Less Time and at 50% Lower Price than Competitor

Learn how we leveraged in-house compounding expertise to develop a silicone/metal fabricated product that passed radiation attenuation tests.

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The Hidden Costs of Silicone Medical Device Manufacturing

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Benefits of Silicone for Medical Applications

Silicone was first used in the medical field when renowned surgeon Dr. Frank Lahey used the material to repair a patient’s bile duct in 1946.  Following with additional advancements such as tubing for urethra replacements and hydrocephalus shunts, silicone has since been employed in a wide variety of medical applications and implantable devices, such as orthopedic joint implants, pacemakers and neurostimulators.

Silicone is an elastomeric thermoset that utilizes siloxane chemistry, a polymer chain of alternating Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O) atoms. The strength and chemical attributes of the Si-O bond give silicone physical properties and performance characteristics that are highly advantageous for medical applications, including:

Thermal Stability:
Elastomeric Properties:
Gas Permeability:
Electrically Insulative Properties:
Chemical Inertness:
Adhesive Properties:
Low Thermal Conductivity:


Medical silicone components and assemblies can be manufactured using five uniquely different fabrication processes.  In order to ensure the highest quality and most cost effective commercial outcome for your device, it is important that you work with a contract manufacturer that is intimately familiar with each of these processes and can select the most appropriate one for the functional needs of your device.

*Plus a diverse range of custom formulations and secondary operations.


We make products that are used annually in more than 3,000 hospitals across the globe.

Acute pediatric gastrointestinal surgery
Artificial heart assembly
Blood storage
Cardiothoracic surgery
Continuous glucose monitoring
ENT surgery
Long-term implants

Ocular devices
Peristaltic pumps
Radiation therapy
Spinal surgery
Urinary treatment
Wound care

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